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Arboretum was created in collaboration with a group of four other people over the course of eight weeks to a budget of £180.
I pitched the initial concept and led the creative direction of the book.

We produced a limited run of twelve hardcover copies. They were hand bound and the cloth cover was printed on a Letterpress.

The book takes seventeen individual unique and ancient trees around the world and renews their mystical, mythical qualities.
By bringing together the legends, narratives and discourses that surround them, we explored these trees as sites for forging multidisciplinary stories and playing with the many ways they are deeply rooted in our cultures.

Above all else, we were interested in re-mythologising the trees in Arboretum.
We wanted to steer clear of creating a fact-file, and instead found creative ways to tell concise and engaging stories about the trees through a mix of illustration, infographics, writing and photography.

The design echoes the aesthetic of classic books on mythology. The layout reflects the branching narratives surrounding the trees. In turn, the consistent red and green colour scheme paired with the natural colours of our paper and book cloth were chosen to emphasise the earthiness of the book's concept: mythologies grown out of their physical environments.

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